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Life Centered Financial Planning, We Call It Planning For Life 

A simple approach to financial planning focused on what matters most to you

Financial Planning

Designed For You

We believe that financial planning is more than just numbers and spreadsheets – it tells a unique and personal story. Our aim is to help write your story by providing expert guidance and support along your financial journey.

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We are happy to offer a wide range of services to fit all of your financial needs

Investment Management

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Financial Planning

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Simply Put, We Work to Serve You
A New Approach to Planning

Our comprehensive financial planning services are driven by a genuine desire to serve our clients. With pride, we craft creative investment strategies that align with your unique circumstances. Understanding what matters most to our clients and helping them create a better life is our priority.

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We Feel So Strongly About Financial Planning, We Wrote a Book About It

The Power of a Plan

How a simple Financial Plan Can Help Your Thrive Beyond the Numbers & Take Your Life From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed 

By Shawn W. Dunnigan, MBA, CFP®                                                                                                               

The Power of a Plan is a financial fable where the story's characters encounter the lessons of their financial lives and feel the pressure that money can have on our emotions and everyday lives. The characters, upon making the long-avoided decision to work with a planner, experience the positive upward momentum of having a life-centered financial plan in place. 

The lessons taught in this book and the topics discussed are focused on you as the reader. By the conclusion of the story, you will find that just like the characters, you have the power to begin your financial journey and face the challenges that may lie ahead of you and take your life form overwhelmed to overjoyed.                                                                                                                                                                      

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