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At Dunnigan Financial Group, you are a part of our family. We seek to build and strengthen our relationship with you to better help address your financial and personal goals. We value your trust and work in your best interests with everything we do.

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Meet Your Team

Meet Your Team

We are committed to creating our relationship with you and catering that partnership to pursue your financial goals

Meet Your Team
our services

our services

We offer a wide range of financial planning services all geared towards helping you pursue your goals. We take your whole financial picture and develop a plan most suitable to your needs

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Working With You

Working With You

Trust is your key to success. Our process naturally creates that trust that lasts a lifetime and is the cornerstone of how we best serve you.

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We feel so strongly about life-centered financial planning, we wrote a book about it

<span style="text-decoration: underline;" data-mce-style="text-decoration: underline;"><b>The Dinner Party<br/></b></span><span style="font-size: 18px;" data-mce-style="font-size: 18px;"><strong>Food, Friends and Financial Planning<br/></strong></span><strong>by Shawn W. Dunnigan, MBA, CFP&#174;</strong>

The Dinner Party
Food, Friends and Financial Planning
by Shawn W. Dunnigan, MBA, CFP®

The Dinner Party tells the story of Dan Simpson, head of his own architectural firm, married to his childhood sweetheart, living in a beautiful home. Dan has it all. Yet every night he wakes up gasping with a fish hook through his heart. What happens to his firm if he dies? What if his wife, Annie's cancer returns? How will they ever be able to retire? And when Dan retires, what will he do?

New-found friends experience how planning can help confront their deepest fears and brightest hopes. The Dinner Party goes beyond discussions of finances to the heart of living, enabling them to face the future with confidence and strive to become better versions of themselves.

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