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Planning For Life's Moments

At Dunnigan Financial Group, we believe that life deserves to be lived to fullest. We understand the impacts that finances can have on those special moments in life, as well as the emotions that money carries in our lives.

We seek to help you through and plan for, lifes biggest events. So whether you are getting ready for retirement, selling a business, putting children through college, or planning for a special goal, we are here to plan for your life's special moments. 

We are a financial planning firm first and foremost. We act as a fiduciary to put your needs above our own to serve you and your family in the best way possible.  We offer a custom and in-depth approach to creating a plan that is specially catered to you and based not only on your financial needs, but on your values and character. 

"One of the greatest gifts you can give your family, is a well thought out and executed Financial Plan" ~Shawn Dunnigan, MBA, CFP®

A Process Designed For you

It is from our Financial Planning process that we gain an understanding of the best ways we can bring value to you and your family.

We seek to create a strong bond and partnership that allows us to accurately develop a financial strategy most suitable for you.

We seek to not only develop a plan aligned with your financial goals, but to match those goals with your values and character

What's Included In My Financial Plan? 

What's Included In My Financial Plan? 

Your financial plan is designed to fit your life. Our financial planning services range across a wide variety of functions that all depend on what your financial situation requires. Some common areas that we focus on include: 

  • Retirement Income Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Plan Review
  • Insurance Review (Life and Long-Term Care) 
  • Investment Management Analysis
  • Current Budget Analysis
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Alternative Income Strategies 
  • Debt Analysis

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