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The Dunnigan Difference

What makes us different? At the Dunnigan Financial Group, you are not a number on a screen, you are a part of our family. We know the challenges life brings  and the value of what having a partner to face those challenges can be. We seek to guide you through life's toughest and brightest moments. We seek to make a difference in your life. 

As a family owned and operated financial planning firm, Dunnigan Financial Group takes great pride in developing strong, long-lasting relationships focusing on trust and empathy. We look forward to forging our new partnership and welcome the opportunity to grow our family!

Planning, with your life at the center

Planning, with your life at the center

You plan your vacations, you set a plan for your day, why not create a plan for your financial future? With over 33 years of Financial Services experience, our specialized expertise and in depth process seeks to provide you and your family with a road map to success.

We know the stresses that money can cause, we understand the challenges that personal finances can create, we know the thought of retirement can seem daunting. 

But, we also know the power of a Financial Plan. The freedom that it provides and the confidence to know that you are on a road to independence.

It's The start that stops you

"The journey of one thousand miles begins with one step" ~Lao Tzu, Chinese Proverb

Sometimes the hardest part of doing something is taking that first step and diving into the unknown. We take great pride in ourselves for our ability to help you take that first step and begin your journey to financial independence

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